Ian and Anastasia of ARNI Architects Stoke on Trent join the Property Investors Network and become PIN Helpers


Ian and Anastasia of ARNI Architects Stoke on Trent join the Property Investors Network and become PIN Helpers

Build relationships & share knowledge

The Property Investors Network (PIN) was established in 2003 to provide a platform for investors, developers, architects and alike, to network, build relationships and share their knowledge. Ian and Anastasia of ARNI Architects Stoke on Trent, have recently joined the Stoke on Trent network and been appointed Speaker Helpers.

As speaker helpers Ian and Anastasia will become integral members on the PIN community.

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Passing on expertise & knowledge

They will provide support to all members, greeting them as they enter the event, aiding the speaker for that week and ensuring they understand how they would like the talk to be conducted, allowing time for questions.

The Stoke on Trent branch of PIN meets the first Wednesday of every month and is a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow professionals. Each meeting allows for a speaker to discuss topical issues, pass on their expertise and knowledge and answer questions regarding the topic of discussion.

The Property Investors Network’s mission is:

“To help people transform their lives through property by providing people with all the tools, inspiration and property networking connections that they need to become financially free.”

Ian and Anastasia are looking forward to joining and supporting the PIN events, representing ARNI Architects Stoke on Trent and gaining meaningful relationships with likeminded professionals.

Not only do PIN events offer you a place to gain invaluable knowledge and skill, it also provides an excellent platform for networking and making contacts within the industry. In turn allowing strong and profitable relationships to develop. The events are not “sales” events and so you will not receive a sales pitch from members, but you can gain referrals of business and referrals to trusted/recommended professionals that can support you in your projects.

The next Stoke on Trent PIN meeting takes place on 12th February 2020 and will be held at the Premier Inn at Trentham Gardens.

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